Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Weston-Super-Mare & Molly's great week

This week is a very strange one here at Bruton mansions.

For Molly it's been a fantastic week and keeps getting better.
Saturday was her school friend's birthday party.

Sunday we took her friend Ellen to the open day at the West Bromwich Albion football ground. They had some inflatable football pitches and we had a look round the stand. Very enjoyable.

Monday was toy day at school. This is always a very important day and as usual Molly spent quite a long time deciding what to take.
(I imagine it's like asking me to choose one cd to play to friends. I'd agonise over what to play trying to work out exactly what it would reveal about me).
In the end we went for her Violet superhero doll (from the Incredibles). Understandable really, she's spent most of the term playing superheroes and Power Rangers SPD with her friends in the playground.

And today was the final day of being a Year 2 pupil.
St. Chad's school took Year R, 1 & 2 to Weston-Super-Mare. They go every year. Set out at 9:30am, return at 9pm. The kids are always exhausted but have the greatest time.

Which is why I'm sitting here typing blog entries instead of getting Molly ready for her bed. We just don't know what to do with ourselves tonight. Both Louise and I are slightly on edge until she comes back safely (silly, we know).

Later on this week we have:
Wednesday: Spend day with Auntie Delia, over to Grandma & Grandpa's for a sleep-over.
Thursday: Spend day with G&G.
Friday: Grandpa coming over to our house to look after Molly (and spoil her rotten no doubt).

Compared to this, a week with Mommy and Daddy is plain dull. Ho hum.

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