Sunday, July 02, 2006

World Cup 2006. The aftermath part 2

Too tired to write much really, but for what it's worth.....

England under-performed all the way through. Key players just weren't on form and too many mistakes were made.
But I was really proud of the way they played.
Owen Hargreaves was incredible all through the match and justified Sven's continued support with his performance.
Rooney did deserve to go off, but Ronaldo deserves whatever he gets if and when he returns to Man United's training ground for the disgraceful bad-sportsmanship. There was a lovely bit of post match banter in the bbc studio where Alan Shearer suggested that he'd love to be at the Man United training ground to see Rooney "stick one on" Ronaldo. Consensus around the table seemed to be that that would be a good thing.

When Rooney was sent off, I still wouldn't give up hope. And the team seemed to actually take strength from losing a man. With ten minutes to go, I was even thinking Sven might risk it all and bring Theo Walcott on, just to give another attacking role.
Of course, it was not to be and by extra time Louise and I gave up all pretense of watching the match properly and decamped to the garden, turned the TV around and started pacing around and swearing. A lot of swearing.
And finally, penalties again. Surely this time it was to be our night. But no.

Two years time; Euro 2008. Not that far away.

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