Monday, July 03, 2006

World Cup 2006: David Beckham

David Beckham has resigned as England captain.

I've always thought Beckham was a great player, but after 6 years of being England captain, I think he's turned into a great man as well.

The decision to give up the captaincy obviously hurt and here at Bruton mansions we felt really upset for him as we watched the press conference. He handled this with pride and incredible composure. Like him or not, don't try to tell me he didn't care passionately about being England captain.

He had to resign though. Steve McClaren's first job would have been to look at his aging team and decide to make changes with a view to winning the next world cup. First change would have been replacing Beckham with a younger captain to lead the team for the next four years.
That Beckham knew this and had the courage and composure to come out and make the decision for McClaren is a measure of the man.

Personally I'm not sure how many years he's got left as an England player, but I really hope we see him back for the Euro 2008 qualifying campaign. Despite all the critics, I think he's still one of our best players and can, potentially bring so much to the team.

As for the next captain? Even though he had a terrible world cup by his standards, I still say John Terry. I hope he can do as good a job as David Beckham has over these past 6 years.

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