Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Alan Moore Interview

New Alan Moore interview from the AV Club. Link here.

The interview is mostly about Lost Girls (my blog thoughts on that one here & here & here & here) and his reaction to the simmering furore over it. As usual, being Alan Moore, it's well reasoned, interesting, thoughful, intelligent and funny.

It was interesting, given my recent post (here) that got on to talking about the increasing sexualisation of children, to read this little bit by Moore:

"Look at Britney Spears and her sexy schoolgirl imitation. What is that actually
saying, and how many apparently normal men is it saying it to? We are
sexualizing our children at an increasingly young age. Exposure to The Spice
Girls seems to have doomed us to a Western world where every 10-year-old wants a
belly-button ring and a "Porn Star" T-shirt. And we just think it's cute! "Ah,
look at them! They're acting like little whores!"

Exactly what I was trying to say. Cheers Alan.

The other great stuff comes out in quotes like this:
"I've never really cared that much about money. I've got enough to live on. And
it's not like I live in a fancy house, it's not like I own a car, and it's not
like I ever go on holiday. For this past 18 months, I've been blissfully
involved with writing my next novel, Jerusalem, which will probably take
me another couple of years to finish and edit. It's going to be over a
half-million words, probably about 1,500 pages or something. As big as a book
can be, if not bigger. I've not got a deal for this book, nor am I seeking one.
I haven't gotten an advance for it. I haven't earned any money for the past 18
months. I haven't done any paying work. But I'm not greatly inconvenienced.
There's royalties still coming in."
Lovely for two reasons, first the very simplicity of the man's life, his love of just being able to sit and write and secondly the fact that his next books going to be half a million bloody words.

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