Monday, May 15, 2006

& now comics I think you should read......

Okay, so if I reckon "52" (see last post) isn't what's great about comics.
What is?

Eddie Campbell - The Fate of the Artist.
The latest book by the wonderful Mr Campbell.
Available now at Nostalgia & Comics Birmingham and at all good comic shops.

Alan Moore & Melinda Gebbie - Lost Girls.
Coming later this summer.
Available at Nostalgia & Comics if customs doesn't decide to get involved.
Lost Girls info here & here.
Rich Johnston's apocalyptic warnings here.
But have some edited bits of what he's saying.....

"The world is going to have a problem with Alan Moore and Melinda Gebbie's Lost Girls.
That's what I reckon anyway.
Thanks to "V For Vendetta," Alan Moore's name is never better known in the media's eye than right now.
Throw in the fact that Great Ormond Street Hospital receives money from any exploitation of the Peter Pan copyright, and that's a brick of gelignite with the Daily Mail and Fox News on hand to give it a good shake.
Expect massive media coverage and predictable outrage from all sides. People's belief in free speech and artistic expression will be challenged. Questions asked in Congress, in Parliament. Comic shops exposed, as well as the people who work there. Customs and Vice Squads put to use. The CBLDF on overtime. Boycotts of Moore's work, of Top Shelf's work, pickets at shops that sell the book. You might even see a mob descending upon Moore's Northampton home.
None of this is in any way fantastical. All is perfectly possible.
A number of people have said they can't understand why certain Muslims acted as they did over the Danish cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed. This could well be the Western equivalent.
Which side are you on?"

It's certainly going to be interesting to see what happens when the book does come out.
I still remember the first few episodes when they were published in Taboo. They certainly challenge your notions of what is pornography. I have the greatest respect for Alan Moore and his writings but maybe, just maybe this is a step too far?
Which is, I'm sure, exactly what he is aiming for

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