Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Anglesey Holiday - Day 10 - Weds 2nd August

Last full day in Anglesey.

The original plan was to go to Moelfre for some more crab fishing and then head to the beach.
We got down to Moelfre and went down to the rocks to set up the crab lines, armed with our crab gear.
We were well prepared this time: lines, bacon as bait and one of those washing machine nets weighed down with some stones - very high tech.

Bloody hell it was cold.
And windy.
And pretty wet as well.

On the good side we ended up pulling in more crabs in the first 5 minutes than we got last time in an hour and a half.
On the down side Molly wasn't too keen on the cold.
Or the wet.
Or the large crabs.

So we packed up early and headed off for lunch and cake in one of Moelfre's coffee shops.
The afternoon changed quickly to going off to Pili Palace - the Butterfly farm, packed with lots of fantastic butterflies and most importantly for Molly, a huge adventure playground.
Then as a special treat it was off to the pub and lots of games of pool and a very late night for molly. Of course she loved it. And she's not bad little pool player.

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