Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Anglesey Holiday - Day 9 - Tues 1st August

Day two in Llandudno (link & link).

We decided to head back because both Louise and I wanted to see the Great Orme Copper mine and Molly felt she really needed to get back on the pier.
It seems that 2 hours on bouncy castles just wasn't enough. It never really is.

The copper mine was amazing. (link & link)
Situated just off the summit of the Great Orme it's been gradually explored and excavated since 1987 and although they've uncovered miles of ancient mine workings the archaeologists reckon they've got over 70% to uncover. The Bronze Age tunnels are incredible, tiny spaces to get through taking you down almost 60 feet below ground level on a snaking tour in eerie light. Stunning.

Then onto lots of fun for Molly around Llandudno pier.

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