Sunday, August 06, 2006

Anglesey Holiday - Day 3 - Supplemental Rant - How to solve the environmental crisis is 3 simple words....

I was going to include this as part of the main post but in the end thought it best to let it stand alone as me basically going off on one (again).

Greenwood Forest Park is (as I said in the previous post) obviously a Millennium project, full of interesting things, packed with educational opportunity, very eco-friendly. And it was fantastic.

But what was the first thing we saw as we got to the entrance?
What looks like a coach party of Scallys on day release from their correction facility.

A combination of the continued presence of the Scally day release children and a host of eco-friendly nature families led me to think about the two main things that we need to be doing to genuinely make a difference to the environment.

First of all you need to educate the ignorant.
It's all very well taking the Scallys to the eco-centre but all they really want to do is ride the roller coaster, have burgers and drink coke. It's not enough to passively educate them, you need to sit them down and force it into their heads. If necessary cut their benefits until they take notice.

But the most important single thing you can do is........
(And this applies equally to the un-eco-educated Scallys and the eco-friendly Harbourne parent types)


It doesn't matter how much plastic and paper you recycle, if you have 5 kids you are creating a huge environmental debt that you just cannot pay off.
The more kids you have, the more you will consume, the more waste you will create and the more damage you will do to the environment.
I can guarantee you'll be using more water, electricity, gas, air, money, petrol, food and space than we will with just Molly.
Simple really.

(join me next week where I solve the fuel crisis is my lunch and work out how to reach the stars over morning coffee).

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