Sunday, August 06, 2006

Anglesey Holiday - Day 4 - Thurs 27th July

A relaxed day really - did Conwy castle and the town. Louise's increasing vertigo got the better of her again, she actually started feeling physically sick at one point, both for herself and for Molly. Of course, Molly wasn't at all worried and we ended up marching up and down the towers and looking down from precarious heights.

Conwy the town is pretty small and not particularly great. The one thing that struck me about it was it's complete lack of music and bookshops - the two essentials for anywhere as far as I'm concerned.
But in Conwy if you want music it's Woolworths and if you want books there's one antiquarian bookshop.

Molly finally got to spend her money, which is a very important thing for every holiday now. For the last couple of holidays she's properly understood the value of money.
And of course, being a good girl, every holiday she gets holiday money from Grandma & Grandpa and Auntie Sharon. So whenever we get to the shop at the end of an attraction or we get to a town with a toyshop she feels like she has to spend the money. All of it. On anything.
Louise and I are now at the stage where we just have to roll with it. To be honest it's become simpler to just let her get on with it and it's with some relief when we point out to her that she's now spent her holiday money.

This holiday she's bought herself a bow and arrow set in Greenwood holiday park yesterday and today she spent the rest of her money in one go on a fantastic puppet in a wonderful old fashioned toyshop in Conwy.

It's really cool and looks a bit like something from Sesame Street. Molly and the lady in the toyshop decided she was called Lucy and Molly immediately adopted her as her younger sister.

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