Monday, August 07, 2006

Anglesey Holiday - Day 6 - Sat 29th July

Today was the first day we've had traditional good old fashioned British summertime weather. So 10am we headed down to the beach and enjoyed the wonderfully overcast and cool conditions.
We found the spring running from the cliffs again and created this fantastic series of pools and gulleys. Until it started to rain. We made the right decision and got the hell off the beach before the heavens opened but that still meant a rather soggy walk back up to the bungalow to shower off and get some lunch.

After lunch we drove out in the greyness to Bangor. Bangor has the sort of down at heel, completely crap town feel about it. Full of dubious characters, lots of teens hanging around and a general threatening air about the place.

Spotted on a wall in Bangor -

This is one of the things you feel in North Wales and particularly in the more urban, disadvantaged areas. The sense that Welsh nationalism is alive and well.
Not so much in the sense of burning holiday cottages but the feeling that the chav youth of Wales are casting around for someone to blame for their lack of jobs, lack of nice things, lack of education, lack of fun, lack of pretty much everything and have decided to blame us English.
Because as we all know, it is all our fault.
Or maybe, just this once, maybe they could try looking at themselves?

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