Monday, August 07, 2006

Anglesey Holiday - Day 7 - Sun 30th July

Today was meant to be a trip to Moelfre for a spot of crab fishing followed by a trip to Holyhead to visit South Stack, the lighthouse on the eastern coast of Anglesey.

We got as far as Moelfre and spent the day.
Moelfre is a beautiful little picture postcard rocky beach surrounded by a perfect sweep of cliffs.

The crab fishing didn't go that well, we managed to get 1 crab.
1 bloody crab.
From 2 crab lines.
In an hour and a half.

But Molly and I had a fantastic time.
Neither of us have done crab line fishing before. We found out that our obvious mistake was getting the bait wrong. We had a couple of bits of Mackerel on each line and the bloke next to us had a washing machine net packed with stones to weight it down and what looked like about a kilo of squid in it.
Every time he raised his crab lines you thought of the scene where jesus blesses the fisherman's nets.
Oh well, maybe next time we'll end up with the full bucket of crabs to throw back into the sea.

Louise spent most of the time watching us, sniggering about how unlikely a pair of crab fishers we were and how no-one that knew me would believe how happy sitting on a cold, wet rock with a piece of string dangling into the water could make me.

After that we ended up walking around the shoreline and spent the rest of the afternoon walking around and throwing rocks into the sea.
Somehow this seemed to fill the entire day. But that's what made the day so nice, just the whole thing of not being able to explain where the time went.

To finish it all off we had dinner at the pub at the top of the road. Special treat for Molly was the pool table where, with quite a bit of fixing it, ended up with Molly beating Daddy for the first time. She'll remember that for ever.

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