Thursday, September 21, 2006

Clarks Rant

We popped into Clarks a while ago to get some replacement shoes for Molly. We got in there nice and early to avoid the crowds.

Today's moron of the day award goes to the person whose impatience in Clarks was just spectacular. Clarks, as you may know, is a very respected shoe shop, particularly known for it's very good attitude to fitting children's shoes. The only problem can be that it sometimes takes ages to get sorted in there. Because as parents you want your child's shoes to fit and if it takes 20 pairs of shoes to get the right pair then that's how long it has to take.

Anyway, we're in there nice and early to avoid the queues. One bloke and his daughter come in after us. There's just one assistant and she's serving us.

Assistant looks at man and tells him she wont be long. Unfortunately none of the first three pairs fitted for Molly and assistant has to go and fetch several more. Man starts huffing and puffing, grabs his daughter and walks out. Prat.

If you have children and want them to have their shoes fitted properly please don't stand behind me in Clarks and tut while my child gets her shoes fitted. If you want to get shoes in 2 minutes bog off to asda and pick them off the shelves, but don't then moan about how badly they fit.

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