Friday, September 22, 2006

30 Days Of Night - Steve Niles & Ben Templesmith 2003

This was the first in a new wave of horror comics that caused a stir; 30 Days Of Night has been hugely successful & it's really easy to see why. It was originally written as a film script & as a graphic novel it's completely filmic, each panel can be easily imagined on a movie screen thanks to the simple, visceral art.

Steve Niles has written a simple, very linear tale, immediately gripping, very easy to read and a hell of a lot of fun. The only problem I had with it was that the whole thing is just too damn short, boom, boom, boom, 90 pages and finished. & I can't help think that Niles just ran out of space to finish it properly.
But that's a minor gripe, my faults with it are far outweighed by the stunning success of the book. It helped to revitalise the horror genre in comics & anything that helps to open the medium up some more is a fabulous thing. Of course, the fact that the book is a great, fun, fresh read is just as important.

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