Saturday, August 12, 2006

Converse for me, Converse for Molly

On holiday in Llandudno we popped into Adams to see if we could pick up some new T-shirts and ended up picking up this pair of Converse-esque trainers for Molly.

She walked out of Adams as the happiest child in the world because she looked just like Daddy.

Daddy has worn Converse All-Star Hi-tops (black) for the last 15 years and loves them.

It's both better and worse now they're actually popular and widely available.

Better because I can now get hold of size 12s easily (I used to squeeze into size 11s for ages before being able to get 12s) and worse because I get sick of other people wearing my bloody trainers and I get sick of other people thinking I'm just trying to look trendy.
But I'll kep wearing them and when they're no longer in vogue I'll get my size 12s from a little specialist shoe shop on the internet if needs be.

I also get sick of people asking me if I don't want them in some other colour apart from black. It's like asking Jonny Cash if he fancies a nice bermuda shirt.
I don't want them in terracota, I don't want them with checks, I don't want them in green and purple stripes, with go faster stripes, in leather, distressed or any other stupid combination of things.

Black is fine thanks very much

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