Saturday, August 12, 2006

Not getting an I-pod this month either........

Yet again, no I-pod in July, no I-pod this month either.
Like I've said before (link) all I really need is one month with a clear credit card and then the Amazon order goes in.

So, what's the reason for July & August for not getting the I-pod?
July's reason was the holiday.
August I need to get the car serviced and MOT'd .
So yet again, the shiny new I-pod is still sitting there in the Apple store. Maybe September?

At least the car service isn't as bad as it used to be. The joy of owning a relatively new car is getting that bill at the end of a service and not feeling physically sick on getting the bill.

The worst I've ever had was when I owned an old Vauxhall Nova. It was at least 5 years past the point of economic viability.
Took it in for a service and got the usual phone call from the garage to tell me what was needed to get it through it's MOT.
The mechanic actually apologised at the very start for the length of the list of faults.
He then rattled off a list that just kept going and going and going.
Then he paused, at which point I made a joke about never realising so much was wrong with the old car.
Then of course he pointed out that he was only halfway through the list.
Bollocks thought I.

It was this service that convinced me of the merits of changing a car regularly.

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