Thursday, August 10, 2006

Molly at King's Camp

This week has been Molly's first week of two at King's Camp.
Kings Camp is one of those summer sports camps for working parents to drop their children off for the whole of the summer. Or, in our case, just somewhere fun for Molly to go for a couple of weeks whilst Mommy's at work and Daddy gets on with loads of stuff that needs doing.

Although this time around Daddy feels like a bit of a cheat because there isn't a big project to do on the house like normal and in theory I could drop Molly off at 10, pick her up at 4 and spend the hours in between doing absolutely nothing.
But that isn't my way of doing things so I'll be tinkering about the place and sorting out odd things.

Molly has been having the greatest time at sport's camp.
On her very first day she managed to win the prize for the happiest and most helpful child and she's loved everything they've done so far.

After last years disappointment of being in the beginners swim group she was really chuffed to make top group this year (deep end and all the floats!). She's had fun playing loads of games and managed to impress everyone (coaches included) with how good she was on the trampolines.
(all those swimming and trampoline lessons are paying off then!)

The one big problem (well, okay, not that big a problem really) is that every day they have a different theme. Monday was fine, winners and grinners. But after that we have to put some effort into it. Tuesday was back to front day, Wednesday was World cup day and today was "come as your coach day".
Now, even though the very last thing you really need after getting in from picking Molly up from camp is to plan the costume for tomorrow, we prevail and today we managed to come up with a great one.

Take 1 red top
Add liberal amouts of t-shirt pens to put King's Camp logo on back.
Stick King's Camp logo on front.
and for the final touch, get wife to blag name tags from her work.
Half hour of labour later and the result is this....

Pretty good huh?

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