Friday, August 11, 2006

Blogging obsession or What I did today.......

Have spent most of yesterday and today tinkering with the blog.
(Because I have a little spare time during the day with Molly at King's Camp and I wouldn't want to actually waste it by doing something as inconsequential as relaxing)

Adjusted the archive listings, had an aborted attempt at putting Categories in a drop down list box like the Archive one but just didn't like it.
May go back to it when the Categories list becomes too long.

But most of the time has been spent messing about with all the fonts.
Originally the idea was to simply use a new font for the blog to make it slightly more easy on the eye and more readable.
But of course, once you select a new font, all the other stuff needs adjusting as well. So I spent ages today sorting out and learning about relative font sizes, line spacing, padding, margins and much more.
So much of this afternoon and evening consisted of me adjusting a setting in the template, crossing my fingers, pressing preview and then swearing loudly when either:
1. nothing happened.
2. the blog crashes.

Time and again, I tried to get everything looking right and pretty. And eventually, I managed it.
Once you've put all that time in, the sense of achievement when you finally click on the preview link and it actually does what you intended is quite something.

I think the new font, slightly more modern looking sleek, thin style and particularly the line spacing has really helped the look of the blog.

But what do you think? I know, - you didn't notice did you?
I spend all day slaving away........ for you.......least you could do............etc etc

And being a stupid man I am now toying with the idea of having a look at the colour scheme on the blog. And with each slight colour difference having a different coding and me having at least 14different colours all over the blog - I should be at that for ages, you'll probably hear the cries of torment from wherever you are..

And to think, originally this was just a little distraction, a mere entertainment.

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