Sunday, March 09, 2008

Why in God's name would you devote yourself to Starsailor?

After the Steve Wynn gig the other night I was thinking about how deeply affecting some music can be over others and how certain bands will always be favourites and why that is.

I've never really had one all time favourite band, instead I have a roster of music that will always be around me, no matter how old I am or what my tastes are. At any given time the music I listen to changes and favourites come and go.

But there are 10 bands that I would class as my all time favourites.
Looking at them I think the key thing is that to be included in my all time favourites they have to have been a favourite for at least 5 years, which explains why none of them are recent (and also explains why Rufus Wainwright or the Polyphonic Spree aren't in there).
They tend to have a large body of work - Ultra Vivid Scene only have 3 cds available but most of them are nearer double figures.
They also have to be the cds I'd risk life and limb to rescue and would automatically buy again and again if some accident befell them.

My all time favourite 10 bands (2008 version) are:

Cabaret Voltaire
Carter USM (& Jim Bob's solo work)
The Cure
Duran Duran
Steve Wynn
That Petrol Emotion
The The
Ultra Vivid Scene

I return to them regularly, no matter what other things I may be listening to, and it's rare I'll go a month without having at least one of them blaring out the Ipod at Bruton mansions.
They're all quite different and I have no idea what makes them qualify as my favourite bands.

Now I'm sure everyone has their own list of favourites and I'm sure they're just as varied, just as unusual. But what I've always wondered is how some people can love the sorts of bands I see as just bland, dull, spiritless things.

The best way I have of explaining what I think is that I can understand why Kraftwerk is one of my favourite bands, why some people idolise Radiohead, or Neil Young, Mozart, New Order, REM, The Beatles or even bands like Take That.
But why would anyone ever say Starsailor was their favourite band?

I just can't explain it. To me, music serves many purposes. It makes everything better, entertains, stimulates and makes you think. Good music can speak to you in so many different ways and your favourite music is always something special to you.
I can understand why someone may like a band like Starsailor, or why you might like the occasional Starsailor song but I can't even begin to understand why someone would claim Starsailor as their favourite band.

At this point, I should apologise for slagging off Starsailor, point out that I'm just picking on them because they're just not my cup of tea and I can understand why anyone would like their music etc etc
But, you know what, I'd be lying.

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