Monday, March 10, 2008

Oh, Monday, we hateth thee ......

Take one part printers deciding they didn't like being on the network,
Add one part finding error in report writing software after releasing it to the staff to use,
End day with one click too many on our notoriously difficult website.

The worst way in the world to end a day is with an email to the people who run the website at the council that basically says "I broke it, please fix it for me".
Still, if they'd have designed it better it wouldn't be busted would it?
Say for example if they either took away the ridiculous option to delete what proves to be an essential piece of website architecture or at least put the option to repair it onto the website as well as the option to delete it?

All in all, a very stressful day indeed.
Now, which do I hate more? Mondays or Computers?

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