Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Post holiday catch up time!

When I came back from holiday last week I made the decision to just blog all the stuff I'd written whilst in Anglesey in one chunk. But I didn't particularly want to put everything up in one go, so I made the decision to post a couple each night.

This has meant that I've been suffering the bloggers equivalent of constipation for the past week or so. All my new ideas, new posts, new links, new rants, new everything has been put on hold.

So to catch up with myself, here's a quick recap of everything I've done since getting back:

Friday 04 August:
We all popped into town to get stuff. New clothes, new pair of Converse for me,
Saturday 05 August:
Went over to mom & dad's to celebrate a belated birthday with dad.
Sunday 06 August:
Lazy morning followed by a lovely afternoon celebrating little Thomas' 3rd birthday. Thomas is the brother of Ellen, Molly's oldest friend whom she went to nursery with.
Monday 07 August:
Molly started sports camp.
Daddy was meant to be having rest but ended up dashing around the place doing loads of little jobs and seeming to waste the entire day without getting too much done.
Tuesday 08th August:
Molly Day 2 at sports camp
Daddy - same as yesterday really. But with added seeing about an ICT course to do in September.
Wednesday 09th August:
Bloody hell, that's today!
Molly Day 3 at sports camp
Daddy - went to hospital to see what the hell the docs can do about my knackered bloody elbows (not a lot, it transpires).
& then see Monday.

Okay that's it - from tomorrow, you get all new stuff (bet that's made you wish it was Thursday night already!)

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