Sunday, August 20, 2006

Restoration - spare some change for the rich people guv'nor?

Restoration (the BBC series) is on again this summer. (link)
This is the one where Griff Rhys Jones wanders around the country looking for important buildings to be put up for a public vote Big Brother style to decide which one is given money to restore.
The first series concentrated on genuinely interesting and important buildings, including eventual winner, a public baths in Manchester (link) which was a stunning example of old fashioned public building, all beautiful detailing and intricate designs.

I watched the first episode of the new series. It's now called Restoration Village. Which gives you a clue about how it's focus has changed.
Instead of focusing on the important and fascinating buildings featured in the first series, they've gone much smaller and focused on a series of smaller buildings. And because they started in the South West of England around the home counties all the projects featured are in the sorts of villages where the average income of the villagers is at least a small telephone number.

Which is why I found myself swearing at the TV and complaining bitterly about the pompous, arrogant, moneyed public school types asking us for a handout to do up their bloody village.

A bit like me asking the local Big Issue seller for money to get my bathroom done really.

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