Monday, August 21, 2006

Batman 655 - Grant Morrison & Andy Kubert.

This is the first of the new Grant Morrison run on Batman. We were expecting great things from this, just like we did on Grant Morrison's All Star Superman and yet again, he doesn't disappoint in any way.

This is a fantastic comic. What Grant does which is so special is write really sparse stories, where so much happens between panels or even within the action of one panel. He does it so skillfully, so effortlessly that you don't really notice what's going on until you sit and try to work out exactly what made the 22 pages you just read so great.

He's promised that this is going to be a return to a 70's playboy Batman, more Neal Adams than Frank Miller. And on the evidence here it's going to be a spectacular success.

He's obviously having a ball writing the dialogue:
For example; Alfred to Bruce Wayne:

"I hope you don't mind my saying so, sir,
but..... that growl in your voice --
the one you used to have to practice before you went out as Batman..............
You're doing it all the time sir".

"So let's try one more time shall we sir?
Repeat after me....
Ah, Good evening ladies"

Wonderful, can't wait for the next issue.
First JLA, then X-Men, then Superman, now Batman.

There's two sides to my thinking about this, one is that it's great to be able to read these wonderful comics. The second is that doing superheroes means Grant has less time to devote to his non-superhero stuff, things like the Invisibles and the Filth.
Personally I'd give up all the superhero stuff in an instant for another series on a par with the Invisibles.
But while he does choose to carry on re-inventing each icon, I'll be enjoying them.

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