Wednesday, September 13, 2006

St Swithin's Day & my posters

Following on from the men and their dens post, I thought I'd share one of the best thing s about having a den........ I can put whatever shite I want on the walls without criticism.

St Swithin's Day being my favourite comic of all time, (I will no doubt bore you senseless over this at some other time, just not now, tired beyond belief) I was in seventh heaven one day at Nostalgia & Comics when we got not one but two of the beautiful posters in store to advertise the book.

I immediately begged one and took it home. Then of course I realised that I had absolutely nowhere it could go. It's deceptive in the picture but the actual thing is huge. Nearly 6ft tall.

So for years it followed me around, from rented student flat to shared house. Until finally, I moved in here. Our house is a 3 storey and for some reason, the people we bought the house off had the house set up so that the lounge was on the first floor along with the children's room and bathroom. The ground floor just has the kitchen and the front room. When we moved in we decided to keep the layout exactly the same as before, including the downstairs room as an office for me.

Finally this meant I had wall space of my very own. So I finally got to display my beautiful St Swithin's Day poster. 4 huge clip frames later and a little work with a Stanley knife and it's been there ever since. Hopefully the next place we live in will have space as well.

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