Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Men and their dens......

As I sit here in the room known affectionately in Bruton mansions as "the office" I'm struck by the fact that almost every bloke I know who shares a house with his better half has something akin to a den. It might be a room, it might be a workspace, it might be my "office", whatever. We all have a room or a place that is just ours.

No idea why we do, but it's somewhere to escape to. It's usually got a stereo, a computer and whatever hobby or passion we have in our lives. Mine's full of books, comics and cds. I spend a lot of my time in here.
Strangely enough Louise doesn't seem to mind. In fact, whenever I do venture upstairs to the lounge (weird layout of the house) she seems to get a little ticked off that I've interfered with her routine.

So my den is the office, what's yours called?

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