Friday, September 15, 2006

stuff on the go

Stuff on the go at the moment.
One thing people always ask about me is how I manage to moan about being so busy when I'm only really working term time at school and only 30ish hours at that. I've also reduced the number of Saturdays at Nostalgia & Comics as well so I'm working less and less yet moaning more and more about a lack of time.

Well first of all, there's not 2 jobs, there's actually 4 (at least).
Nostalgia & Comics
Brookfield Estate Management Company work
All of these have to fit into my 19 hour day (and that's with a generous 5 hours of sleep).

As has always been the case, my full time job has always been the one I try to devote the least amount of time to. Even if I have to physically be there for 32.5 hours a week, there's no reason to get stressed about it or take it home at all. And any time I can use at work to think about or accomplish something else while doing my job is just a bonus.

For a Saturday job, Nostalgia & Comics has always taken up far too much of my time. It's a passion and a pleasure to work there (most of the time) which means I'll often end up thinking about ways to improve the place, things I can do to make it better, reviewing comics and graphic novels for the regular Propaganda newsletter we put out.

And the Brookfield Estate work is something that I never truly dreamed I'd ever end up doing. I always used to think it absurd when Dad would spend his time fighting various causes and trying to make the area better, but now that I'm older I find myself doing the same things, getting drawn into the estate and trying my best to improve the neighbourhood as well. (and he constantly reminds me of how much I've changed my views on that one, ta dad.).

And the final thing is of course the most important.
Parenting is the main thing.
Like I've said already:

You've got this beautiful little person for 18 years; Don't Fuck It Up.
So that's why I'm busy.
& of course, spending hours sat here doesn't help, but this is fun, not work so it doesn't count.
Then again, Nostalgia is fun as well
And parenting Molly. That's the most fun in the world.

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