Friday, August 11, 2006

Subscribe to Fictions blog

Forgot to mention to you all:
I've set up the RSS feed to the weblog,
so I thought I should let you know and walk you through it.

Essentially it lets you subscribe to my weblog and via a web based reader you can check on the new content on the blog.

All you have to do is click on this little orange icon here or in the sidebar:
This will take you to the feedburner page for Fictions.
Once here you just need to click on the relevant web based reader to subscribe.
If you haven't got a web based reader I'd suggest Bloglines.
(Just go to the Bloglines page, set up an account and add my blog.)

The end result of this is that your Bloglines page will show my blog and list all of the posts since the last time you checked into bloglines to look at my blog.

Or, if all this seems too much trouble, just keep checking in every few days and reading as normal.
You all know the drill by now, I usually post a couple of entries every day.


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