Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Top of the Pops & Molly's musical education......

While we were away in Anglesey it was the last ever Top of the Pops and Louise and I started thinking about the complete lack of music on TV for Molly nowadays.

We're quite unusual in that we don't have cable, satellite or even Freeview. We don't have enough time to watch even the best of the TV on just the 5 terrestrial channels as it is and we certainly don't want to get sucked into the cycle of non-stop C-Beebies and C-BBC for Molly to watch.

As for music, the problem with MTV and the like is that it's full of stuff that's dubious at best for Molly to watch. Before you start taking me to task for being too conservative over this, just sit down and watch a couple of hours of it around 5-7pm each night. Then ask yourself if you'd really want your 6 year old watching some of the stuff you've just seen.

It's all part of the increasing sexualisation of our children. All the stuff they're increasingly subjected to just projects the adult world onto them at an earlier and earlier age.

Just looking at the sort of things you're presented with at kids clothes shops as suitable for a child to wear should start the alarm bells ringing. & of course it's just the sort of parent who screams loudest about the Paedophile threat who ends up dressing little Courtney in stuff your average prostitute would consider a bit tarty.

It's really difficult to bring up a little girl to be a little girl. Even at this age all the media pressure, all the peer pressure, all the influences are doing everything possible to create teenagers from the age of 7.

And we try our very hardest to not buy into this.
Which brings us back to the music problem.

There just isn't anything to take the place of Top of the Pops as Molly's first exposure to pop music. Which is a real shame.
So I guess it's down to me to be the major musical influence.
God help her.

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