Sunday, August 13, 2006

What's your guilty secret author?

I have an admission to make.
I'm addicted to a trashy action adventure thriller writer.
Every time he writes a book, I have to read it.
It usually takes me only a couple of days.

His name is Matthew Reilly
So far he's written Contest, Temple, Ice Station, Area 7, Scarecrow, Hover Car Racer & his latest (currently waiting for me to go upstairs and start it) is Seven Ancient Wonders.

I know he's writing books deliberately to be like movies.
I know it's page after page of action and big fight scenes worthy of a Bond film.
I know that there is barely a page per book with a modicum of characterisation in it.
And I don't care.
The books are just plain fun. I even find myself laughing at the impossibility of it all at times. But I keep turning the pages. And the pages turn very, very fast. The pace of his books is truly breathtaking.
It's really the perfect throwaway quick read and I often find it difficult to put the book down once statred. Usually I take a couple of nights to read one, but occasionaly I've just sat up and read straight through.

links - wiki, author's website, amazon page

So, what's your guilty secret author?
I'm off up to bed to share some time with mine.

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