Monday, August 14, 2006

Old Bastard - official

On Thursday I will officially become an old man.

I'm off to the Osteopath about my back.
It's been acting up for ages, aching after standing, walking, sitting (anything really). I get sudden sharp pains & very painful but mercifully infrequent back spasms in a morning.

The spasms caused one great phone call to work. I had just tried to get out of bed and collapsed, screaming, onto the floor. It took 10 minutes of slow moving agony to get back into bed and another ten minutes to phone in sick.
Then, being super-dad I managed to get Molly to school. Superman may save the world but I'd like to see him drive a car when every little movement feels like someone's sticking a knife into your spine.

But I digress,
Since coming back from the holiday I've been in regular pain and sitting here, doing this doesn't much help.
So I'm off to the Osteopath to see if he can help at all.

Someone get me a cane.
If I have to grow old at least let me have something to hit all the young bastards with.

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