Saturday, November 25, 2006

Leave It To Chance - James Robinson & Paul Smith

Harry Potter has nothing on Chance Falconer.
At 14 she’s heir apparent to the legacy of the Falconer family, defenders against the occult in Devil’s Echo; a city so full of the paranormal, mysterious & downright bad that Buffy’s town looks quiet by comparison.
Her Dad is Lucas Falconer, the best paranormal investigator in the city, upholding the tradition that for generation upon generation there has always been a Falconer to protect Devil’s Echo from the darkness.

Chance thinks of herself as the latest in a long line of protector’s of Devil’s Echo, who’ll begin training for the role & eventually take over from Dad.
Dad, whose victory over arch-fiend Miles Belloc was tragic, leaving him widowed & disfigured is struggling to come to terms with his little girl & believes it’s not right for her to begin training for succession. He’d rather wait & let the responsibility skip to the next generation down. Preferably the next Falconer male.

Chance, however, has other plans, she’s smart, strong willed & feels she’s ready now &; sets out to prove Dad wrong. Whether it’;s monsters, goblins, haunted pirate coves, apparitions, spooks, sprites or dragons Chance gets into trouble wherever she goes, but always prevails.

Bursting with energy, freshness & excitement, this is yet another wonderful all ages book, Leave it to Chance is perfect for that non-comics person. For all it’s apparent simplicity, this is very much a complex work, wonderfully executed with style & panache by both writer & artist.
A joy from start to finish.

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