Friday, November 24, 2006

Alison Dare - J Torres & J Bone.

You might look at Alison Dare & dismiss it ; too cartoony, too throwaway, silly comics.
But look closer, it is cartoony, but in a sublime way, it’s a very easy read, in the way that all the most perfectly constructed books often are. It’s also a wonderful kid’s comic & one of the most girl friendly books I’ve ever read.

Alison Dare delivers the best thrills since Indiana Jones & more action than Lara Croft.
It’s a book with everything, feisty young heroine, hi-jinks, spies, heroes, nazis, jewels, bank robbers. It’s got the lot.

Torres & Bone, the writer & artist, are a stunning team; combining their talents to produce that most difficult of comics; the appeal to all-ages & both sexes kind. Torres’ writing is simple, entertaining & thrilling & I haven’t seen anyone tell a story in pictures as well as Bone since the sadly missed Mike Parobeck on early Batman Adventures. His layouts, linework, simple style, pacing & story-telling shine so brightly, so perfectly that you are drawn into the work effortlessly.

So, whether you buy it for yourself or for your children – this is a wonderful example of the way forward. Comics for all, about time.

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