Friday, September 01, 2006

Leicester Space Centre

Molly and I went to Leicester Space Centre yesterday.
It was something we've all been meaning to do for ages, but never managed to get around to until now. I have to say I was disappointed. Somehow it seemed to be less than I was expecting.

Now, the actual building, at a distance promises much, the plastic gherkin skin building housing the rockets rising out of the earth is a spectacular sight. But as soon as you get closer and see the modern air craft hanger that sits under the gherkin you start to realise it's not that revolutionary a place.

Strangely, the one thing I thought it was missing was more spectacle. There just didn't seem to be enough around to give you a sense of scale and majesty. Surely space is all about the sheer scale of things and it would have been nice to have seen more examples of huge spacecraft around. All there really was was the two rockets in the tower and a Soyuz Module in the entrance hall. All the others were scale models or copies.

The exhibits were good, although as usual, 7 year olds don't tend to hang around letting their parents read the fascinating exhibits. Not when there are computer simulations to try out and buttons to press. The hits of the day were the 360 degrees total immersion cinema showing an astronaut film and the Spacecraft to Europa simulation. Both thoroughly enjoyable.

So overall, good but not as great and inspiring as I felt it should be.

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