Friday, September 01, 2006

Heard at Leicester Space Centre..........

So yesterday afternoon, Molly and I are having a much needed afternoon snack and cup of coffee.

And as usual, I can't help but listen in on the conversation at the next table. I can't help it. I'm a terrible eavesdropper and people watcher. Mom at the next table is being pestered by little Tarquin & Tarquina for a drink.
"No" she says "You may not have a fizzy drink, have something else. You know I don't like you having fizzys"
Which is a very good, very healthy option obviously. She's obviously concerned about the effects of fizzy drinks on her darling children. Very good so far.
Well no, not really.

You see, little Traquin and Tarquina had just munched their way through a pack of those Dairy Lea Lunchables. These are the "fun snack you can make yourself" or some similar bollocks. You've seen the adds. Get a slice of processed bread, add a slice of processed cheese, then a slice of processed ham, more processed cheese, more processed ham etc etc. Until you have yourself a processed sandwich.
Sooner or later Dairy Lea are going to start adding bits or edible bloody velcro to help the little darlings stick their play food together.
Believe me lady, a little fizzy drink isn't going to hurt them after they've just eaten those.

How do you promote sensible, healthy eating?
Well for a start you get anything that looks like this:


and throw it away.
Then you decide what real food you want your children to eat.

Stupid people.
Frankly it's bad enough when the really stupid feed their kids junk
(you know the sort. "I was amazed" says unwashed of Chelmsley Wood, "I stopped giving Kyle a gallon of coke and all that blue food and sugar sandwiches and his behaviour is a lot better").

But it's worse when reasonably intelligent people do it.
(organic pitta bread + lashings of full fat coke, or a strict no fizzy drinks rule and then throw junk like dairy bloody lea bloody lunchables down their necks.)

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  1. all i can say is i agree with virtually everything you have written.