Tuesday, September 12, 2006

It may be hideous, but she loves it nonetheless......

Well, if yesterday was amazing, today was even more so.

I promise I'll actually write about this in a little while, but for the moment I'm too bloody shell-shocked.

In other news, Molly got her first "TC" yesterday.

The "TC" stands for Treasure Chest. This is the box of toys and games in the corner of the Y3 classroom. When the children get a TC in their books for exceptionally good work, they get to take something out of the Treasure chest.

It seems that Y3 is definitely the fun year at Molly's school, after poor Mrs Mehan had to drive them all relentlessly towards their Sats, it appears Mrs Farrelly and Mrs Sheehan (job share) get to have all the fun from Y3 & Y2 all in one year.

Anyway, we now have this hideous yellow blob of a cuddly toy upstairs:

Sort of like a fat yellow rat, but uglier. Her ability to love all cuddly toys, no matter how hideous, is quite delightful.

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