Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Yorkshire Move Part 7 - And now the difficult bit....

So, in two manic days we'd found the perfect school, perfect town and perfect house.
But we still had to sort out the money.
So very close but still so far away.........

We travelled back on the Sunday straight into a party for Molly, which meant Louise and I had another hour and a half to sit and fret over where we were going to get the bloody money from.
& the small matter of whether she actually had the job or not. Silly little things like that.

Okay, onto Monday.
Louise phones the job first thing with the news that we've sorted school and house. Are they still interested in her for the job?
Understandably he was a little shocked with the news and told Louise he'd think about it and ring back.
At 6 that evening we got the news we were waiting for.
Bottles were opened.

Of course, having gotten the job, we were still a long way off getting everything sorted. The next fiddling little detail was sorting the mortgage out.
Halifax (current mortgage people - loud boos please) had already turned us down for what was essentially a bridging loan, repayable as soon as we sold Brookfield Road.
But we had an appointment with Lloyds (cheers) to ask them for money.
Luckily Lloyds (cheers) were a lot more amenable to us than the Halifax (Boo).
We walked out of there secure in the knowledge that we could put an offer in for the house and buy it without having to sell ours.
Of course, this means that we have a monumentally large mortgage on the Pocklington house that will only become manageable once we sell the Birmingham House.
But at least we could put an offer in on the house we'd already mentally moved into.

And thank god, after all this work, they said yes to the offer and we'd finally bought the house.

So that's school, town, job and house all found 130+ miles away in a grand total of 4 days. Pretty bloody good really.

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