Thursday, September 28, 2006

Yorkshire Move Part 8 - the fine print....

After all that work to get the job, the school and the house, we came crashing down and started the hard slog of sorting out solicitors, estate agents to sell the Birmingham house, searches, removal companies and everything else.

First major panic came with the environmental searches from the solicitor. This is a new thing where the solicitor sends through a huge wad of stuff about the local environment.
You look through it with horror at all the environmental stuff near you, then look at the fine print and relax.
For example;
Panic - Air pollution source withing 500m of the house.
Fine print - it's a bloody petrol station.
Panic - major industry within 500m
Fine Print - that would be the shops in Pocklington. How is a clothes shop a problem?

But the worst thing was finding out we're within 500m of a serious flood risk zone.
Until you realise that it means the flood has to be severe to get within 500m of us. Not that the risk is severe. In other words, there's a stream running through Pocklington and in the worst flooding ever seen in the country it might just burst it's banks and still wouldn't be anywhere near us.

There's a big part of me that wishes the solicitor would just keep all this information to herself. We could then phone up and ask her if there's a problem. She could tell us no problem and we'd be a lot less stressed.

But if that's the most stress we get out of the whole process I'll be amazed.

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