Thursday, December 07, 2006

The Losers - Andy Diggle & Jock

The Losers is a fast paced, action packed thriller that, if it were a film, would be the perfect crime caper movie. One-liners, huge explosions & wonderful plot twists make the Losers one of the sharpest books around.

The basic plot reads like your latest smart blockbuster: a black ops CIA team gets burned & left for dead by the company. But they get out & decide to take their revenge on the CIA. Cue explosions, devious plans, betrayal, double-dealing & even more explosions.

A must for any fan of a great popcorn movies, intelligent thrillers & rollercoaster fiction, the Losers is a great mainstream book.

But the perverse thing is that something as blatantly mainstream as The Losers is STILL considered "alternative" (whatever that actually means) by this weird little comic book industry.
But we all know better, don't we?

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