Friday, December 15, 2006

Mystery Play - Grant Morrison & Jon J Muth

The actor playing God in a religious play is found dead. A decaying town becomes filled with fear & suspicion in this stunning psychological thriller.

Every character in the piece is searching for judgement or redemption. None more so than the detective, a bewildered, confused man, more interested in viewing the scene from above than dissecting the crime beyond recognition, he’s attempting to solve the mystery before his past catches up with him & seeking to unlock the secret of both the town's redemption & his own.

From a thrilling, fast paced mystery story this mutates halfway through to become something far darker & deeper, full of psychological meaning & hallucinatory imagery. If you’re hoping for an easy read, with a simple resolution, forget it. Morrison writes a brilliantly open ended story with layers upon layers of meaning. By the final pages, you’ll be almost breathless.

Evocative, cinematic, and dreamlike, The Mystery Play is a multi-layered, tightly written & beautifully painted in photo-realistic style by Jon J. Muth.

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