Friday, December 15, 2006

Car Insurance people are wankers

Phoned the AA today to inform them of my job change.
Remember this is changing jobs from Science technician in a school to ICT technician in a school.

Was absolutely amazed that they wanted £20 + £5 admin charge to make the change.
So amazed that it took me a few seconds to start getting angry. The nice lady on the phone explained that it was due to having to re-issue the insurance certificate. She didn't seem too impressed when I offered to hand print the damn thing for less than they're charging.
Honestly, how can they justify £25 to print one piece of paper and post it to me?

Answer, they can't.
After getting angry I told her to go and tell her supervisor how mad I was and if she didn't come back and tell me I didn't have to pay the £25 I'd be cancelling my insurance there and then.
She came back and, as if by magic, the charge is gone.

But the real point isn't that I don't have to pay it. It's that they had the gall to demand it in the first place. Insurance people are wankers. I can't think of a single argument against that statement.

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