Saturday, October 28, 2006

Well, we're here in Yorkshire & haven't we been busy.....

Okay, quick recap for those who haven't been paying attention.

After years of saying we'd love to do it, Louise and I decided this summer to look into making the life changing move of relocating to Yorkshire.
We started the process on the 8th August and finally moved on the 19th October. Not bad going really.
Obviously if you want the whole story - go to the Yorkshire category page.

Moving Day - Thursday 19th October.
We got the keys and headed to our brand new home.
Beautiful, just like we remembered it. And fantastically clean as well, which was a real bonus. We'd imagined hours of cleaning and scrubbing first before we could move our stuff in. (For those of you that know me, you'll be aware of how cleaning obsessed I am. You may not also know that Louise can get pretty bad as well. & for those of you who don't know me - trust me - i'm as obsessive as they come).

The removal men came and it took them 4 hours to unload the van into the house. By the time they finished the place looked a terrible mess. But Louise and I stuck to our plan to get the rooms done in a methodical fashion.

First room was the most important - Molly's room.
It's a fantastic room, easily twice the size of her old room, it's directly above the garage and 18ft long. We got her sorted quite easily and her room looks fantastic. Although somehow she's managed to completely fill it with all her cuddly toys. We have no idea how. Personally I think they bred whilst in the removal boxes.

Then once Molly was asleep we cracked on with the rest of the house.
Here we hit on the first problems.
First the washing machine decided to break after we plumbed it in. Bad news, but we just left it and decided to get someone in on Friday.
Then we realised that my beautiful old school desk and all the units I'd bought for the office upstairs just wouldn't fit into the room. Bugger. Rethink needed, again, put it off till next day.
Finally we found out that the fixings for the walls just weren't working. New plaster, cavity walls and very difficult to fix stuff to them. Trip to B&Q needed for the right stuff.

Okay, crack on. Got the TV unit and dvd rack assembled.
The great thing about our old house in Birmingham was that we had so many shelves in place on walls and in chimney breast spaces courtesy of the last owners that we'd realised we'd nowhere to put all the books, graphic novels, cds and assorted crap we kept on them. Not to mention the fact that we'd nothing to put the bloody tv on either. But being forewarned, we'd already got the units we needed from Ikea before we moved.
Anyway, after a few hours of trying to follow those great Ikea instruction sheets we'd got the lounge looking good and were able to move some books and dvds in.

By this time it was 3am so we thought it might be an idea to call it a night.

Next day was more of the same. Sorting out the storage in our bedroom, bathroom and the downstairs loo. Molly was golden throughout and spent most of the day amusing herself whilst we got stuff done.
By the end of Friday a lot of the house was pretty much exactly as we wanted it.
The exceptions being the office, kitchen and garage.

The kitchen we solved on the Saturday when a nice man came round to fix the washing machine which meant Louise could finally sort her kitchen out.
A trip to the local B&Q helped us to get the other bits and bobs sorted (lampshades, the right light bulbs, fixings for the bloody walls, that sort of thing).

The garage became my job whilst Louise was sorting out the kitchen.
Whilst it would be nice to fit the bloody car in at some point it soon became obvious that the garage was going to be a dumping ground until I could sort it out and get to the dump.
The good folks at Nostalgia & Comics will be pleased to know that it's become a mini basement. There's a huge pile of cardboard from the move in there, plastic dexion type units at the garden end that I spent hours getting into the right position and carefully arranging stuff on there for Louise to use it as a storeroom / larder / kitchen extension.

And that was it for the Friday. & most of Saturday.
Sunday we sort of rested and had some fun getting Molly sorted and exploring the town.
Not that there's much of Pocklington to explore, which is exactly what we wanted. It's a beautiful little town with just enough to mean we can get everything we really need from there, but very little in the way of corporate chain stores there, just good old fashioned independent businesses.

So we'd pretty much finished everything we needed to do in the house by the Sunday night. 3 days is not bad going I think. All that needed sorting now was the office.

Okay, time for me to go to bed now. Very tired still.

More tomorrow.

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