Friday, November 24, 2006

Computer course types

Yesterday was another Computer Course day.
In theory every Thursday 1-3pm for the next 30+ weeks should be Computer Course day.
But how that's possible I have no idea.
I do know that if I was in there expecting to learn something I'd be really pissed off by now. The tutor is just so very useless. She flits around from one computer to another, perpetual motion yet seemingly achieving nothing. Very typical for adult ed teachers, completely disorganised, no structure to the lessons or course. Basically rubbish.

Luckily I don't need her tutoring. All I need is access to the computers and the ECDL tests.
We started with a practice test for the first module.
Meant to take up to 45 minutes. Actually took 7.
I honestly tried to make it last longer, because I thought I'd piss the other testees off if I finished that soon. The Module test itself took 6 minutes. Then the next practice test: 6 minutes. Next Module test: 5 minutes.

But because I'd arrived late and wanted to leave early I had to be content with that. Only 8 modules left to do. And 2 weeks to do them in. Should be a piece of cake.

But if I was actually trying to learn stuff I'd be putting official complaints in and asking for my course fees back. What a bloody joke.

The computer course is made up of about 10 people, all at completely different levels of knowledge and made up of some classic stereotypes.
We have old bloke who's obviously in education. Knows a little about computers, but seems to think he knows much, much more. Continually referring to stuff that was new about 20 years ago and struggling with anything else.
Then there's secretary corner. Three women all trying to get the computer qualification for their jobs. All terrified of the computers and completely overwhelmed by the information. It doesn't help that they're also terrified of doing anything on their own so every move has to be checked with the others.
Then we have the mom. Obviously she wants to learn to keep up with her kids. But she really doesn't stand a chance. She's do better paying her kids to teach her what she needs to know.
All in all, the different people and different requirements makes the room a chaotic mess of people all wanting the tutor's time for simple things.
And sitting in a corner, wondering what he's doing there, is me. The first couple of weeks were a complete waste of three hours. This week was a little better, the plan of getting there late and then getting the tutor to quickly show me where the module and practice tests are and just plowing through them seems to be working.

(Am I coming off as superior here? Sorry, but you try sitting in that room for an hour and feeling any other way)

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