Thursday, November 16, 2006

Digital bloody TV

We're getting digital TV next week. This is not a good thing.
I've always been perfectly happy with just the 5 channels, in fact there's so little on the 5 channels I regularly watch it's almost not worth having the thing at all. At the moment there's Torchwood, QI and the occasional documentary to watch and that's about it.

Because we live out in the sticks in Pocklington the normal terrestrial reception for the past week and a bit has been awful. So I've bowed to pressure from the people in charge of TV things. Louise wants more channels and Molly didn't care until she realised that she gets cBBC and gets to press the red button.

I carefully researched the options - Freeview, cable or free-sat and then quickly discovered we didn't actually have any options at all. Cable don't come out here and Freeview wont get picked up unless you put something equivalent to a mobile phone mast on your roof. So it's a quick phone call to SKY to book their free-sat package.

This is not something I really wanted to do. Too much fuss, too much money, too much crap to stop Molly watching. (Have you seen those bloody music videos now? Hideous and certainly not something I really want her to be watching. Bloody hell, how old did that sound?).


  1. Rich, need I remind you how dead set against getting a mobile phone you were when I met you?! You were a total technophobe! Now you cant go a day without whipping out your pda! Move with the times man!

  2. Ah, but the mobile phone was merely a reaction to seeing (and hearing) every moron on every street shouting into their phones at every opportunity.

    The digital TV is a feeling that I'm being forced to take up something I have no desire to. I really don't need more bloody channels of nothing to watch and certainly don't want Molly watching the sort of overly sexualised trash that gets pumped out by music channels for the consumption of pre-teens.

    Grumpy? Old? Man?