Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Latest Lying in the Gutters

The latest Lying In The Gutters by Rich Johnston is on the Comic Book Resources website.
This week:

Following 52, it appears that weekly / biweekly comics are in vogue again. (stupid idea)

Following the appaling scheduling mess they made of Civil War, it appears Marvel are throwing as much crap at the wall in case any of it sticks. If you're wondering what Marvel comics are Civil War tie-ins, let me assure you - it's all of them.

Chuck Dixon hasn't been paid for the latest piece of work he did. Now, I'm not supporting the non-payment, but if it's anything like as bad as his other stuff I can understand why he's not getting paid.

Renato Arlem should be ashamed of himself for an awful swipe.

But then again Rich Johnston should be ashamed of himself for drawing our attention to this:

(8 months in and that's the first knob gag)

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