Thursday, November 09, 2006

Drive by Bonfires & Fireworks - this is why we moved!

Forgot to blog this at the time.
Last weekend we went to Beverley for a little look at the Saturday market.

We were driving through the dark on the A1079 (Or, as we've rapidly begun saying - the ten seventy nine. Just like the locals do). And we're playing the normal Bonfire night game of spot the fireworks when we see a huge bonfire on a village green.

We stop the car in the local pub car park and wander over, amazed at this completely free, uncrowded, yet very good bonfire and fireworks event.

(Remember we're used to Birmingham where you pay to see an organised event, get a taxi to it because you'd have to park the car 4 miles away anyway, and maybe see the very top of the 50ft bonfire because you're half a mile away, freezing cold and sick of having your feet trodden on by everyone else who's feeling just as pissed off and ripped off as you are.)

It was lovely. Even chatted to one of the locals.
Molly loved the lights, didn't like the noise and generally had a great time. All it really needed was someone selling jacket potatoes and hot dogs.

Then we decamped to the pub we'd parked the car at. It turns out that the pub organises this every year, so the local kids have something to look forward to and hopefully stops them messing around with fireworks themselves.
Just so very cool.
And very Village Green Preservation Society (Thanks Ray Davies)

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