Wednesday, November 08, 2006

New Polyphonic Spree. Life is good.

Today I finally downloaded the new Polyphonic Spree ep - Wait.
There's a new cd out next year called the Fragile Army
(Which possible explains the new military get-up. Personally I miss the robes. & they look very glum, not we've come to expect.)

And the music?
Well I'm just not sure yet.
The ep has 2 new songs; Mental Cabaret & I'm Calling & 3 covers (Psychedelic Furs - Love My Way, Tripping Daisy - Sonic Bloom & Nirvana - Lithium). It's not an instant "wow" like it was when I first heard Hanging Around The Day & subsequently the first cd The Beginning Stages Of...... . They were those rare moments when you just know you're listening to something wonderful that will be playing on your favourites for ever.
But having said that I can remember being really, really disappointed the first few times I played the second cd Together We're Heavy and that's become a firm favourite now.

The Polyphonic Spree is the band that unites us as a family. I feel in love with them first, then Molly & finally Louise. Molly can do the words to most of the songs and has her very own Spree mix cd.
Last time they played in Birmingham we were very, very close to taking Molly along. Even went as far as asking the Academy if it was okay to bring a 5 year old along. In the end we decided against it because of the late night, loud music and darkness, figuring she wasn't quite ready for it.

But the gig was one of the most wonderful experiences of my life. At one point, two songs in, I'm smiling so wide I look like a gibbering idiot and tears of ecstasy were flowing down my face. And it only got better from there. They are so infectiously sincere in their performance, so innocent in their music. I can't help but love them dearly.

To see them perform makes you realise that they mean it all, every last uplifting note of it. The positivity, their happiness, their manic sense of wellbeing and just plain joy is definitely catching. Of course the problem we're going to have to face is what do we do when they play next time? If we're very, very,very lucky it will be in Birmingham in school holidays, Lou will be able to get time off and all three of us will head over there. Otherwise I feel a mass sick day coming on!

Polyphonic Spree Official site links with samples - The Beginning Stages of.... & Together we're Heavy

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