Monday, December 18, 2006

Herobear - Mike Kunkel

Herobear is pure feel-good entertainment, an All-ages album of wonder, which will really tug at your heartstrings, while leaving your eyes twinkling at the sheer spectacle.

Tyler, (the Kid) is left an inheritance by his grandfather, and initially he's unimpressed with the broken watch & the old stuffed bear. Of course, the real magical nature of the gift only comes out when a disenchanted & upset Tyler throws the bear away.

Kunkel's animation experience brings so much to this book, the page is awash with a mix of black, white and grey forms with original sketchlines left in that give a real sense of movement, flow & action. The added visual kick of including Herobear’s cape in vivid scarlet red is an inspired touch.
This is a story about childhood, about discovery & adventure & about how much fun it would have been if all those superman fantasies & childish dreams came true. Adults will love the intelligent, nostalgic look at childhood whilst children will be captivated by the adventure.
Remember your childhood & pass it on

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