Sunday, December 17, 2006

Sunday morning in the Bruton household....
Children and staples just don't mix

The peace and tranquility of a lovely sunny Sunday morning was shattered this morning by the piercing screams of Molly running into the room, hands held high, covered in blood. Somehow she'd managed to put a staple into her thumb.
Just one small staple, but ever such a lot of blood. Poor little thing!

Then off to the garden centre to spend a small fortune on Christmassy stuff to put round the house. Or maybe just a Poinsettia, Vase, few baubles and a Santa for the fireplace.
While Louise was off trying to find nice things to drape from the fireplace (no luck I'm afraid) Molly and I amused ourselves by smelling all the scented candles to try and find the most disgusting one. Our personal favourite was the Mulled Wine candle. Nothing like wine, mulled or otherwise, but it did have a lingering odour that I recognised from a while ago - last time I was cleaning out Timmy's poo corner (our ex-cat). Bloody horrible smell of poo and soil mixed together.
So in the end we opted for 5 different ones; Mistletoe, Lemon, Cherry, Melon and my personal favourite - Ginger cookie. No really, this was the smell of a Ginger cookie. We put it on as soon as we got home. It lasted 3 minutes before the hideous stench was found by all three of us to be just too much to bear. Oh well. The Mistletoe is a lot nicer. But trust me - if you ever have the choice, put the Mulled Wine and the cookie scented candles back on the shelf.

Home in time for a cuddle up on the sofa and the chance to see 2005's Christmas Dr Who for Molly and I. What a great day it's turned out to be. We even managed to get the bloodstains out of the nice beige carpets!

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