Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I've left Birmingham, but it hasn't left me yet.....

I knew this would happen. We're a few weeks into the move here. We've settled here nicely, but having been just three weeks or so we still don't feel completely at home.

There's also the strange feeling of transferring from a big city in Birmingham to a small town here in Pocklington. The nearest cities to us are York or Hull. Obviously we're not going to feel that we own theses cities in the same way as we felt about Birmingham.

So obviously I'm still feeling like a Birmingham boy transplanted to a strange place. I'm sure these feelings will go, but it possibly isn't helped by reading Pete Ashton's blog posts about Birmingham blogging (here, here, here & here)

Links via Pete as well:
Birmingham it's not shit - Lovely simple website designed to promote real Birmingham, not the corporate sponsored bull ring culture of the city centre.
Birmingham For Beginners - Guardian story covering the Birminghamit'snotshit website and pointing out some great little places to go.
Stripsearch gets a nice write up in the Post.

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