Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Jobcentre. Would it be harsh to suggest sterilisation?

Today I headed into York to the Jobcentre.
Not to actually claim benefit mind you, it appears we have too many savings as a family to get those.
I was off to Jobcentre to get a couple of forms signed to take to York College on Thursday where I'm looking at courses. And here's where the whole thing just gets silly.
The College wants the forms to claim European Social Fund money and pay my fees for me. But the forms are only to be filled in by those people claiming Jobseeker's Allowance. But I'm not allowed to claim Jobseeker's allowance because we have a little too much savings.
So I'm without a job, but not actually Unemployed. Thanks.
Gardening Leave?
A Gentleman of Leisure?

So that was a complete waste of time.

But I did get to spend a little time sitting in the jobcentre people watching. Christ, they're depressing places. No matter how prettily the walls are decorated, no matter how bright and design led the desks are, the whole place feels like people without hope come here to spread misery.
You walk in past the chavs blocking the doorway with their dogs and fags, through the entrance hall filled with single moms swearing loudly at their children in very expensive prams and then go and sit down in the waiting area where the plush, shiny new sofas are rather spoilt by the hairy man smelling of whisky and piss.
It's a miserable, dreary place.
And I was very, very thankful to leave there.
Must remember to thank the nice man at York College for sending me on this particular fool's errand.


  1. Hello. Completely unrelated comment. Is the Christmas get together happening this year do you know? Have you decided whether to return for gigs? Hope all is well. Redundant comment because I've been reading, though Jess hasn't. Love to all. G

  2. This is my dear old friend Gareth who appears to have forgotten that we now have a miraculous thing called e-mail.
    Hi G.