Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Recycling the Yorkshire way

It's really nice to finally live in a county where recycling means recycling.
Not just we can take your paper.

We got our new blue recycle wheelie bin yesterday.
Every month they come to collect it. We can put paper, metal and plastic bottles in it.
(Weirdly not glass - we still have to pop that to the recycling centre 1.5 miles away).

Makes a change from Birmingham where the recycling was a paper round every two weeks where you put you box out with all the paper loose inside. Usually by the morning that meant at least half the street covered in the contents of someone's bin.

Suddenly Louise and I have noticed our rubbish has decreased by half. HALF!
And we're working on getting it further reduced in the summer when we start composting using the councils bins for that as well.
Plus the idea to buy locally produced stuff with little or no packaging.

(Sorry if I'm sounding smug.)

And given this new green view in Bruton mansions we will do the thing I've always said we should and start giving the supermarkets back their packaging that we didn't need as we go through the tills.
We've already done it with the poor delivery drivers from Tesco online. He was a touch puzzled to be handed several carrier bags of crap to take back to the store.
Tempting to give him a smile and politely point out that "every little helps".

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